Monday, November 15, 2010

TWATM pt. 2

Ako? Exaj? What?

Wala akong pictures kasi wala akong mukha.

"Aso, kabayo, at orchids lang ang may BREEDING! AKO, WALA!" -Earvin Delikado

"How can you be so cold, so heartless?" he asked me. Then I showed him, my heart, in a jar of formaldehyde.

Logging in Facebook and seeing everyone woe and whine about heartbreak makes me glad I don't know anything about relationshits.

I failed everything in high school except History. I wrote down EVERYTHING the teacher said, including smartass remarks. My notebook was complete with narratives, dialogues. It was so great she didn't return it. Well, if she's using it now to teach ignorant high school kids (who won't listen anyway), then all's good.

Time Travel
Post sang friend sa FB: If only I could...
tanan nag-sabat: turn back time...
Ako ya, kay exaj: ...turn back time, if only I had said what I still hide, if only I could turn back time, I would stay for the night. Turn back time by AQUA? (Ang nag-kanta man BARBIE GIRL, rilly) wtf ga-post na ko ya lyrics man

I decided that zombies are over-represented. These days its all about zombies and ninjas (zombie ninjas, anyone?). We need more on fairies, mermaids, leprechauns, tentacled monsters etc. But my cousin who is a zombie junkie insists: zombie fairies and zombie mermaids. I mean, he's got it all ready in case of zombie outbreak. Guns, supplies, you name it.


  1. Hahaha! Love this post! Dumduman ko gid ang iban di. :D

  2. Haay wala pulos akon blag ala ko man gina-update. wehehehe. Blocked e.

  3. At least may unod. Hehehe. Ku man gani kung kisa-a na lng.. Busy2x.han sa skul. Kaw ya? :D

  4. Pat, ikaw na? OO busy man ko school kag deactivate mode ko anay sa FB. Chat2x na lang sa mga comments.

  5. Hehe. Yep. Daw kanami nga daad pamatian na Anonymous ang ngalan. Hahaha.

    Subong lang ko gani di kabalik sa blog mo. School stuff man. Lapit na prelim! Aaah! T_T