Sunday, October 31, 2010

Some dreams

Remember what they say,
There's no shortcut to a dream.

It's all blood and sweat,

And life is what you manage in between.

- "October", Broken Bells

As said in the movie Inception, practice makes perfect when it comes to remembering dreams. Writing what I can recall helps and I can remember them fairly well. For some reason, I'm wearing my high school uniform in dreams. Its like my "totem"- in the movie it's the thing you use to determine if you're dreaming or not, which means if I get stranded in some unknown place and I'm wearing uniform, that's when I know.
- - - - -
These are the short and simple ones. The longer dreams next time.

*A dream entitled "The Various Stages of Starvation". I am watching a video on a blog. A cartoon of a woman says something about famine and starving. It starts showing mother and child about to sleep. Their appearance changes, thinner until nothing remains but skin and bones. The cartoon woman says "So let's take a look at YOUR FACE" and a mirror appears on screen and I don't want to look but a hand goes out of the computer screen to grab my face and make me look in the mirror... I wake up.

*On my grandfather's house that has two floors... but I find stairs leading up to a [nonexistent] third floor, there's a hallway lined with doors and at the end of it is another staircase. Up there is a big white door, and inside is an empty white room and there's another door. I keep going in similar rooms and doors until I end up seeing a wall with a huge black hole then I wake up.
*I'm in a hotel. I'm looking for my room, I always open the wrong rooms and inside are people I know. I get to the right room and find the same hallway of doors in the dream above. -wake-

ALWAYS doors and rooms. A dream interpretation site said, "Corridors, hallways and passages with doors and rooms characterize free choices with options arranged ..."

*Elementary, high school, and college overlapping: HS graduation in a Grade 6 classroom, one HS class held in the the CAS lobby.
*This is cute. On a school bench, a big unicorn is teaching baby unicorns how to fly. (Someone asked if I dreamed this when I was a kid. It's not only kids who can dream of unicorns...)

Somewhere, there is a dream dreaming you.


  1. This is cute. On a school bench, a big unicorn is teaching baby unicorns how to fly. >>> quite a beautiful dream. reminds me of fantasy stories.

    thanks for dropping by

  2. Sheesh. I'm wishing I could remember some details of the dreams I've had. Just like you do, Al. Dreams - they just fly out of my mind each time I wake up you know. :p

  3. madumduman mo man na kung sanay ka na. practice. :)

  4. hmmm interesting. did you dream this all in one night? :)