Sunday, March 17, 2013

Trivial life updates

I find this funny, though I don't recommend drugs for academic excellence...
  • Newsfeeds filled with graduation pictures and updates! I am glad for you all. Really.
  • Out of some mysterious luck, a relative gave me a Kindle Touch. I've always been curious about e-readers, but owning one looked improbable. It was from other distant relatives in the US and passed around to people who don't want it, and it ended up with me. Now I use it more than my netbook. The downside, however, is I wasted time downloading all free ebooks I could (I get them from and aside from those I still have a pile of unread physical books... but I really like it. One charge can make it last up to 2 months (if you don't connect to wifi), you can highlight text, take notes, surf the net, even listen to music.
  • They're getting cheaper, though. I heard some people already sell Kindles here for around 5,000 pesos. Calibre is a useful free software for converting various formats.
  • I'm preparing myself for the coming fires of Hell Week. That's all. Then the next week after that I turn 20. Not that it matters much. 

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