Monday, September 23, 2013

On Rereading (and Kakashi agrees)

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(But it’s been so long I had a book so absorbing I read until morning… the last I recall is The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms by NK Jemisin last May.)

What I like about this, though, is Kakashi re-reading. The second time is always better than the first, because usually in the first reading I go too fast because of the suspense and wanting to know what happens next. I love what author Poppy Z. Brite had to say about rereading:

"But if the story is interesting enough, I’ll want to reread it examining how it happens, how it’s constructed, how the author elects to tell it. These are often difficult aspects of a story to attend to when you don’t know what’s coming. When you don’t have to worry about page-turning suspense, you can take more pleasure in a story’s subtler aspects.

But it’s not always that technical. There are many books I reread simply because I want to spend more time with the characters, or want to return to the mood the story put me in the first time I read it.”

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