Saturday, December 28, 2013

2013, a year in review

Overall, it has been a good year. I've been feeling the blues now and then, but I got over them. I lost 'friends' but those have been my decisions and I'm willing to live with the consequences. Nah, that sounds like drama but nothing dramatic has happened.

I've learned and realized a lot of small things I wished I did earlier. Like how to swim properly, I just discovered it could be fun, how the only trick to learn is not to panic and let the water work for you and not against you. Like wearing dresses is much more comfortable, and convenient for laundry than the usual ensemble of shirt and jeans. Small things that are actually pleasant, like being more kind and grateful to my family, and learning to be a better friend to others who also support me.

I've learned how important it is to not let other people define myself. Sometimes, people may seem to have good intentions but are actually trying to control me. Other people will think what they want, have their own opinions about others. But what I dislike is when they impose their thoughts, thinking that their opinion and what's best for them will be best for me. They probably don't realize that they're hurting people, when they don't even know the situation of that person, but run their mouths with self-important opinions without truly listening or understanding the other person's side. I realized that there are right people you should listen to, and listening to the wrong people who think they are right will only make it worse. It is not self-centered to say, Thank you, but I know who I am better, and your opinions are shit and stop shoving them to me. You shove yours to mine anyway, but act like I don't have a right to talk back. So here, I'm shoving it back to your face. Then leave with a dramatic turn, walk away, and don't look back.

We're getting far from the subject of new year. This year, I started writing more, a few poems (some which I've posted here) and some stories (which are not here), but I think I've improved a lot. The best way of learning a thing is doing it. Next year, I want to write more.

Also: the only important thing in school is enjoying learning. Everything else is secondary. I know most students these days act cynical towards their studies, and I think that's a sad thing. I really loathed going to school when I started college. But when I discovered subjects I enjoyed, like Library & Information Science, I never think of reports and assignments and papers as a bother. I loved doing them, because my enthusiasm was like an endless well. And getting good grades was just a bonus. And what did I get from that? I got the university scholarship twice this year, and didn't have to pay my full tuition for two semesters, saved a lot of cash problems. Not that they are my goals, but I think they're a result of positive things leading to more positive things.

That's it. The thought of 2014 is both scary and exciting. Going back to school this January will be hectic.


  1. Naks. Gotten encouraged by your post. :)

    1. Heh... at least naka-encourage? Good luck sa 2014! :)