Monday, April 30, 2012

PostSecrets (image heavy)

Postsecret, an anonymous community where secrets are submitted, has been one of my favorite websites since I discovered the internet. I've saved many secrets over the years, thinking that they might be used later for blog entries. Since I got so many of them with no entries written to go with them, I'll just post them all here.

I found out this was written by artist Frida Kahlo, the woman in the picture. She said this about some French artists: "They are so damn 'intellectual' and rotten that I can't stand them anymore....I'd rather sit on the floor in the market of Toluca and sell tortillas, than have anything to do with those 'artistic' bitches of Paris.
Okay, I'm now a fan. 
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  • Postsecrets on school and education
  • Crime
  • Family

  • On being hot
  • Doubting oneself

I don't know how to categorize these:

Of course, secrets to lighten up the day a bit:

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