Saturday, January 21, 2012

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EBA: Kaya asiwa ako sa mga "book lovers". Feeling laging matalino. Pauulanan ka ng mga pamagat ng libro at pangalan ng author na sila lang ang nakakakilala para ipamukha sayong ang galing-galing nila. Pakiramdam mo tuloy sobrang bobo mo na.
DIEGO: Hindi naman siguro lahat. Ako, ang mga hinahangaan kon tao na mahilig sa libro e yung may matututunan ka pag kausap mo, yung makikita mong naging marunong at mabuti syang tao dahil sa pagbabasa nya ng mga libro.
-from "Lumayo ka nga sa akin" by Bob Ong

I've never met a 'book lover' described on the first paragraph.
Thoughts/Questions: Citing obscure or little-known books=trying to look smart? 'loving books'=feeling matalino? Being pseudo-intellectual?

That means reading is somewhat seen as an 'intellectual' hobby. I tried reading literary criticism, and most of them are bloodless and dry and sucking out the joy of reading. There's a lot of psychology and kinds of reading I admit I don't understand at all. It seems that the more interpretations, the farther away from the actual story. Sometimes its pointless to look for meaning, actually. You waste time looking for meaning, you don't see what's happening in front of you. You stop seeing things as they are, which is more important.

Unrelated: I think, if one really enjoys something, there's no point in impressing others with it...

I was wrong saying I don't like Bob Ong because he's popular, now that I know better I retract that. Lumayo ka nga sa Akin's message is good... its showing cliches in TV, movies, popular culture, and how it affects our society. One character has a person without a job because he's waiting to win money in a noon-time show. One's an actress complaining our preference for foreign things, when she's endorsing whitening products herself.

META: There's always something in 'wanting to be different'-- I remember a high school classmate disliking some anime he likes because someone else knows about it. Disliking something because someone else likes it too is idiotic. That thing wasn't made for YOU alone, snowflake. It was made to make money for whoever made it. (I admit I was like that, too-- but its better to be grateful that someone else shares the same interest)


  1. i remember me asking you when we were in first year nga "al, like mo man si bob ong?" you answered like "ambot ah, daw ka-common mlg sang nasulat ya" basta something lg you don't care. Hahaha! i am a big fan of him and i collect all of his books. we're kinda similar sa panglantawon nga gaka-bwisit ko sa mga things nga popular. the reason i liked bob ong was because i like his works and i don't know that he's popular. ulihi nlg. one instance nga na-hate ko ang isa ka bagay (not hate hate but sort of) is the kikomachine komix, i used to collect it but when it became popular in UPV due to the publicities of Debsoc, i stopped buying the remaining books and never read it again. bitter!

    anyway, bagay gid simo mag-read more books cuz ur gonna be a librarian (i guess) eventually. <3 tc

  2. I remember me asking you if you like Bob Ong and you said NO because he is overrated. Hahaha. Look at you now. My point gid ang reason/s why anticonfomity is worse than conformity. :)

  3. Gane... may term nga "hipster" subong pero indi ko man gets kung ano na. May mga tawo nga ga-warn "Don't follow the hype!" sa mga popular things... pero I think one person can like something without thinking kung ano man panumdom sang iban (regardless kung sikat or indi sikat). Chaka sang cover sang "Lumayo..." abi ko gani indi Bob Ong book. Syempre nami-an man ko sang "Kiko Machine"...

    Nietzche: God is dead. God: Nietzche is dead.

    Ang mga philosophers ang overrated.

  4. Hahaha. If kalab-ot ka tani sang Ethics ta nga subject nga boring kag law-ay ang teacher (method). Ako man, I like filipino authored books, wala lang amo lang na b nabakal ko.

    Gusto mo mana ang Hunger games nga uso subong? ako, indi. Ka-OA magbaton kag magsamba sa pop culture tawo subong. daw kulto and pop.

  5. Sin-o ang teacher, about sa ano ang subject? Wala pa ko kabasa Hunger Games pero sa mga review nga nabasa ko daw nami man, basahon ko lang guro kung may hulaman. May mga good things and bad things sa pop culture, pero oo, daw kulto turning people into zombies nga mapati na lang, without thinking for themselves.