Monday, December 3, 2012

2 movies: Skyfall & Breaking Dawn

I have a huge girl-crush on Kate.

I've been watching movies in mall theaters a lot lately. There's this energy in audience reactions when seen on the big screen, which for me makes it more fun than watching at home in pirated DVD or downloaded (which I know is cheaper, but the other pricier option is at least legal and high-definition). There are two recent pop movies I didn't expect to like, but I did: Skyfall and Breaking Dawn. I was about to write something lengthy about the the films, but I'll just be repeating what everyone else says, and I have nothing more to comment. I like the James Bond villain, and Twilight Saga's ending was good (I'm rooting for the other vampires like Kate, Garrett, Emmett, and Benjamin but not much about the Cullens). My favorite thing is, the series is finally OVER.

I watched both for free as my sister had an extra ticket for their school film showing for Breaking Dawn, and my dad bought Skyfall tickets.
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Okay, I just wanted to post something, because I keep on forgetting I have this thing. I'm distracted with people's reblogs, retweets, instagram pictures, and odd news when I'm on the net. Maybe long-form text is not so popular with kids these days than screen-manipulated pictures. Most of this blog's content about myself no longer reflects my current state of mind, but this will go on indefinitely.

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