Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Giant Squid's 'Dead Man's Fog' [song]

This is currently my new favorite music. Their songs are about the ocean: mysterious waters, colossal unknown creatures, those kind of sensations of drowning, dread, subtle fear -- lost, dead, frozen, hopeless -- hell I sound emo but that's what this song makes me feel. Their other song I like is "Panthalassa" (the name of the world's ocean when Pangaea was still around).

Our bow cannot be seen / from where we stand on the stern /
fog has taken everything / the men’s faces show their concern /
the cold is worse than we feared / I despair this the end of my years /
the more it stings the more I try / keep waking up each time I die a little death I cry /
a thousand leagues a million miles / the secrets buried in the vault beneath the oceans wide /
this beacon’s light has burned for as long as I’ve known / though tonight the horn must bring us in /
for the tower ceases to glow dare we raise our anchor / let the tide have its way /
when waves crash on shores unseen jagged reefs calling our names

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