Saturday, August 9, 2014

Some last words and life updates: moving on to a new blog.

1. Thanks to those who have interacted with this blog since 2010! Soon, I will be starting a new blog in a different address for a fresh start. I hope to make it more formal and active. It will have a definite subject now: Librarianship and LIS studies. I also hope to post in a more regular manner and encourage myself to read and write more by making book reviews. This blog has been through many changes in my life too, so I will just leave it here and I won't delete it. Anyway, here's the link:

2. Congratulations to our friend and classmate Ms. Mary Grace Oliveros for being top 3 in the Librarian's Licensure Exam last April. She's the highest ranker in the history of LIS in CPU! That puts pressure on us, the next batch (there's still no schedule from the PRC for the 2015 exams but we're preparing)

3. Congratulations also to our teacher Mr. Stephen Alayon for bagging the Asian Librarian Award for the Special Libraries Association! Our teacher has also been featured with his life story in the Panay News: The boy who never stopped believing.

4, Life has been hectic after graduation! Now I am working and volunteering in libraries. I am also preparing for a board exam and there's been pressure to do well and I want to do my best in studying for it to pass with flying colors.

5. This is my last post here! It's been nice... even if I haven't updated in forever. See you in the new blog!


  1. Al, give me the link of your new blog :)

  2. mas-namian ko sang format sang wordpress!