Thursday, July 4, 2013

News, school issues, & others

When the semester started, huge billboard-like tarpaulins were posted in every entrance of the university. It contained pictures of clothing not allowed by the school according to the dress code. Then, the dress code issue exploded in the school's Facebook pages with everyone giving their opinions. Fashionistas complained about their freedom of expression, most said it was exaggerated. Most agreed in one thing, though: the way it was presented in the tarp was just bad and tasteless. I agree. Just look at it (picture from the Facebook page of CPU's Central Echo: In the Dumps):

The "underwear not allowed" is just a joke photoshopped in there.
I don't have anything against the dress code itself, but when I see the tarp I always laugh. I mean, who would wear fish-slippers? Or this ugly shoe?
It still makes me giggle.  It's scary, like a shoe made by a serial killer from severed feet.

Good news that the admin have cleared things up and the ugly billboards will be gone by August.
Other news:
Our teacher in IT in Libraries was recognized as the country's most Outstanding Librarian by the PLAI. Sir Alayon is one of my role models and a favorite teacher, not only because he's funny but also because he always bought pizza for the whole class during our weekend classes. Well-deserved, I say!
Link to an article: 20 heroic librarians who save the world. Those are about fictional characters, but I read it if I don't feel like studying and I feel motivated again.


  1. hahahah! I seriously say, i did laugh through this post. :)

  2. Actually, daw chaka lang ko nga ga-smile man gyapon kung makita ko ang sapatos nga gin-ubra sang serial killer! Kanami mag-react ang mga tawo sa FB. :D