Saturday, January 5, 2013

Words, etc...

I wonder why I now automatically cringe at any mention of the word 'confidence'. When someone on TV claims to be more 'confident' I'd stop watching. I'd like to think that the concept of 'confidence' doesn't exist. If ever I have imagined myself to be more 'confident' it was a lie or I was fooling myself. Its almost like the word SALE, but SALE is the worst. There's no word I'd like to disappear more than SALE. I walk in a mall and that word is plastered everywhere, you see it a thousand times in one place. SALE SALE SALE. Its making me crazy. A SALE OF SOULS! Malls are brainwashing us.

Classes again next week. Which means, I haven't done anything listed on "important things to do this holiday break". All I did for two weeks was eat and surf the internet. Classes this sem are (since I've posted a list last 2 sems):

LIS 322: Introduction to Indexing & Abstracting
(I haven't learned yet how to do these but it sounds complicated.)
LIS 323: Introduction to Research Methods in LIS
LIS 326: Management of Academic Libraries
LIS 327: Documents, Serials, & Electronic Materials
(Serials and Journals are the most expensive of library materials. They're tricky to keep track of. Their prices are almost inhuman, but libraries must own quality research journals, especially for universities.)
Minors - Intro to Philosophy, Softball & Volleyball, World Literature

I have 7 subjects left! I've realized is LIS isn't about books (they're the extra bonus) but about business and management.

[I was about to put a picture here but I can't find it. Its a meme that says: "I don't always party alone, but when I do, no one knows."]

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