Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Irritating Teachers: Ma'am Negastar.

(Note: I don't really hate this teacher. I have mixed feeling about her like I have about everyone. This is just one of her traits I happen to dislike. I know this sounds emphasizing the negative...)

I hate teachers who assign an output, then don't give clear instructions, then only proceed to correct us rudely and make us go back to her again and again for her corrections and criticism we didn't ask for. She blames us for not asking enough, and she won't even admit she was wrong, too. She didn't give a clear outline, then only makes us feel so dumb with the way she talks condescendingly. May sala man siya, kami pa ginapa-gwa ya nga tanga.

The problem is she seems so egotistic that she won't even recognize her mistake and blame us, the clueless students. Its like she's so hard-headed that if you lose your patience you just want to beat it to her head that, "Can't you see you're the problem?"

I guess this is what they mean that people can't simply be changed. Out of all my teachers, she is the inconsiderate, negative-energy black hole. She's tiring. She's a perfectionist who can't be pleased, who only sees the wrong things. I know. I'm trying, even praying for patience, not to quickly lose my cool because that is my weak point.

I understand that teachers want us to learn. I understand that it will be difficult, but sometimes I suspect that its intentional on her part. Maybe she's an energy vampire who takes pleasure the misery of her students. Maybe its her hobby to put people down. My eyeballs are numb from typing a forty-page bibliography, 12-point, single-spaced, all the wasted printed paper and ink, only to retype again. I can't see very well in the first place, and this is making it worse.

This morning I passed the paper, exchanged the usual greetings but not feeling them, walked out of her office for the last time. Maybe later I will realize this is a learning experience, but for now all my classmates feel the same way: tired, haggard, and dreaded.

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