Tuesday, January 3, 2012

How 2011 was

2010 was bad, as I was still trying to adjust back to school and was always thinking, "People are so strange!" when all along, I was the strange one. This is how things get when you have your own world like me.

In 2011, I got to know more people and had good friends. I'm still not used to it-- but when did I? It will take centuries before I feel fully at home here on Earth.
  • Ayokong mag-post ng "Before and After" picture pero infernez, pumayat ako nung 2011.
  • I kinds of dislike the phrase "books that changed my life" as I learn a bit of something new in all books I read even the bad ones, but if there is such list Zen Mind: Beginner's Mind by Shunryu Suzuki would top it. If I haven't read it, I'd still be the same egotistic blowhard I was in high school to 2010. I tried to fulfill empty goals like "If only I get higher grades...". The book taught me that the best way to do something is to just do it without any selfish gaining ideas and how important it is to have a beginner's mind. 
  • Sadness is the same as happiness and the goal of meditation is not to feel both, but not in a bad way. An empty mind is ready for anything. Ignore both insult and praise. Learn to believe in Nothing. My favorite line is: "If a god comes, you will welcome him. If the devil comes, you will welcome him."
  • Okay. I'm a shiny happy person now.
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