Sunday, March 13, 2011

Unrelated things soon to be forgotten

Years ago, I saw a headline on the Entertainment pages of the Inquirer:  “Lindsay Lohan's Ex performs in Manila”. She's a DJ and the article was about the songs played, how good the party was, but I find it odd that her name was only mentioned once. She was mostly called “Lindsay Lohan's ex”.  She must be dating someone else or doing something else now, but she'll always be remembered as the ex of a famous star.

I experience the same. I used to have a friend, a popular girl. When I see people from elementary, I'm not my name but Diba siya na ang upod pirmi sang-una ni X? I'm only remembered as Someone's Friend. There's always the shadow of another person. At least I want to be known as myself, but I guess this can't be helped.
I dread the cliché “I'm only human.” Why, who said you were something else?

Every time something is dramatic, they'll always say “ a telenovela.” Turn on the TV, its the same: lost babies, all the screaming, slapping, hair-pulling... I don't want my life like that.

I saw a quote reblogged on Tumblr from Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami:
“If you read what everybody else reads, you'll think what everybody else thinks.”
My first thought was, hey, everyone (not all, but many) reads Murakami. I disagree, not all will think the same about a book.
Hearing the opening theme of Ghost Fighter on GMA, I feel nostalgic for those days when I was 7 or 8-- going home after school to watch 6PM anime. Slam Dunk, Flame of Recca, Hunter X Hunter, all else.

Those anime mostly start with ordinary guy/girl living a normal life, then there's an adventure waiting on another world. Maybe watching those made me imagine the same thing will happen to me, where I find some sort of portal by accident. Its childish, I know. But I have my own story here and now.
My dreams all happen in a place I call Dream District. Its a mirror image of this city-- even has its own malls like the ones here.

Last night in Dream District, I was watching news on TV in an electronics shop. I meet myself from years back. She's wearing uniform and black sling bag. I said Hi, she didn't recognize me. I wanted to talk but she looked lost in her own thoughts.


  1. Dali lang.. bayi ang ex ni Lohan? search ko bala. hahaha.

    Wala pa ko kabasa sang Norwegian Wood ni Murakami, pero may copy nako. This summer ko guro sugdan. Hmmm.

    "Hearing the opening theme of Ghost Fighter on GMA, I feel nostalgic for those days when I was 7 or 8-- going home after school to watch 6PM anime. Slam Dunk, Flame of Recca, Hunter X Hunter, all else. "

    -- Aaah. The "poster generation" as a friend would call it. Glantaw man ko na! Namian mn ko sang Fushigi Yugi.. Nostalgic gid man ba. Hahaha!

    DREAM DISTRICT. Bitaw2x, cool name there. :)

  2. Yep, bayi. Wala ko pa man na nabasa ang Norwegian Wood.
    Oo noh, diri sa balay damo pa poster sang anime. Ang fave anime ko gid guro sang time nga na Samurai X. Imo ya?

    Fushigi Yuugi, grade 2 pa na! Damo man di DVD sa balay, marathon naman ko guro liwat.

    Dream District kay pirmi na lang magsulat, "Last night I dreamed about..." mas-namian ko kung daw place na lang, "In Dream District, I..."

    Ano ang Bitaw? Damo gulpi comment mo ba. Wala na kamo klase? Bag-o lang tapos finals, kag ma-summer class naman mag-April.

  3. Ai noh.. Bag-o lang ko ni haw.

    May copy ko di sang Norwegian Wood. Pero lain gid bla kung mabasa ka na papel kag mabasa ka sa computer. Lain gid ya kung papel Namian man ko sang Samurai X! Nadumduman ko pa sang una ang desire nga magpabutang sang 'X' sa cheeks para cool. Hahaha. Grade 2 pa to gli? Daw kabatch lng sila sang Samurai X haw? Hina gid ya memory ko gawa.

    Kung indi guro sa mga posts mo indi ko pag.i-recall ang mga dreams ko kagab-i.

    Bitaw - daw 'Yes, yes'. Daw amo na. Hehe. Malipatan ko dad kung nu ang Ilonggo kag ang Cebuano.

    Yep, wala na kami klase. Bg-o lang tapos amon finals.

  4. Sa akon, mas-dasig ko mag-basa sa computer pero mas-kasaho man gyapon sa papel. Yata, pero daw mas-una ang Samurai X nga gina-showing naman liwat subong sa Studio23 6PM.

    Post the dreams!