Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Points to ponder

I'm tired of hate, cynicism, and irony. Its still better to try for kindness. I'm tired of that 'I'm awesome, you are not' attitude so prevalent in internet jokes, where you don't know what's serious or not. I'm guilty of this lame attempts at crass humor I don't find funny anymore.

The recent disasters make me think... We know that the world's population is almost 7 billion, but what about the number of all who has ever lived and died here, who has ever felt life?

(These times I wish I had another mind but my own. I read my own words and find nothing of what I'm looking for, I don't even know what it is. I try to know myself, but I find nothing and no one.)
- - - - -
I read 90's Reader's Digests during school breaks. This is from Points to Ponder:
Many of us leave home convinced we are going to conquer the world. We are anxious to shuck off the restraints of family and traditions, to cut our own swath and make our own rules. We know that we could do it better, make it faster and see it all.

Somewhere along the way we learn we didn't know quite as much as we thought. Our ideas weren't as new as we took them to be. Suddenly the "quaint" homespun wisdom that once was rejected takes on a new life. The first trip home after such an awakening is a return to reality.
-Gary Barnes, Our Journey Home

To be human is to dream. Pipe dreams, daydreams of perfect love or a brilliant career-- we pay rent on castles in the air. But sometimes there's a dream that doesn't fade, an impossible dream that just might come true with the right breaks and a lot of hard work. Those are the dreams we'd be fools to give up on.
-Jo Coudert, Woman's Day


  1. Nami gid man magbasa2x sang RD. Quotable Quotes lang gni tirada ko kay gadali kun kis-a. Haha. Lamig2x pa dan sulod samun library.

    Uyy. May napansin ko sa mga tweets mu. Hahaha.

  2. Mas-feel ko ang mga 90's nga RD. Nami gid man ang mga short jokes.

    Tweets ko nga tagalog about sa crush? Haha, daw hangag lang ko. Pag-isturya ko sa iya... feeling ko indi sya kaintindi Ilonggo! Na-weirdohan to guro. Englishero bi. Pag-smile nya next day... laglag heart! May heart pa pala ako. Parang ako pa ang feeling torpe.

    (OMG na ano ako. OK lang Pat, daw too much information na ni, sige lang...)

  3. Daw mas nami pa gani basahon ang mga RD na collection kaysa sa mga libro namon sa major. Hahaha. Maka-inspire daad.

    Din sya halin haw?! HAHA! May heart ka gid man AL! Hahaha. Rich guy? Mu na guro Englishero. Ma-support ko cmu AL ah! Haha. Keep on tweeting! Nyahaha.

  4. Una ko sya kita sang pag-transfer ko, transferee man sya ata. Feeling ko halin sya sa lain nga place. Indi man gwapo, daw mysterious loner nerd lang ang dating. (Sagi man bi tulok sa'kon! Haha feeler lang). Pero next sem ko pa sya makita liwat. Amo na e, i-tweet ang 'progress'. HAHA

  5. I am obsessed with the idea that I must make my dreams real. When I looked back at everyone that ever lived, I see extraordinary feats like the invention of flying and amazing athletic achievements. Many who came before us achieved things that no one ever dreamed could happen. So I peruse my dreams too. Skies the limit. Why live just to be ordinary?

  6. well said! Many great inventions that changed the world came from people who others first perceived as failures.