Sunday, November 17, 2013

Current school woes

The problem with an internet connection that sucks is that I'm unaware that I've already posted and it ends up duplicating entries...

Anyway, while I have a lot of ideas to post here, I have little free time now. It's my last semester and we're required 500 hours in our library practicum. I was assigned first in Cataloging, and the job requires me to read and scan books to determine the subject when assigning Dewey Decimal numbers for classification. I like it, though of course I find it much easier to catalog fiction than thick textbooks. So next week I hope I get more diverse material than books. We're gonna be working in the library system of our school, then for 2 weeks at SEAFDEC Library in Tigbauan.

2 subjects left, though. There's still PE, Swimming, and I'm grateful that the teacher is kind and knows how to build up people like me who don't know how to swim. There's still Spanish 2, which I could've finished in my last school. It's required in my course too, I just hope I've retained things from before. Final obstacles to overcome before graduating on March 2014.

That's all. Odd when I only realized how much free time I've been wasting when most of the day's hours are spent on working.

One thing I also realized that choosing this course was a right decision. The teachers and librarians are the most supportive I know, I love learning new things here, and I like working in places with lots of books. Really, the first time I heard of LIS was from a librarian's blog who said she had her dream job of cataloging anime and manga in her university. I thought, "Well, I could do that!" While there's no manga in Henry Luce III Library, the books there are great, especially the Filipiniana section with a wide selection of all kinds of Filipino books. I'm also thinking that if I ever enroll in a Master's degree it would still be in CPU so I can still borrow stuff from Henry Luce!

(Most of my fave books ever, I borrowed from libraries.)

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