Tuesday, October 8, 2013

'Inspirational' Misogyny

I like motivational, positive, and inspiring blogs like Marc and Angel. But I stopped reading an 'inspirational' blog long ago because I observed something disturbing: the author treated women as conquests to feel better about himself.

His goal was to 'get rid of his shyness' by trying to be daring, asking women out and be generally creepy the first time her meets a girl. Not just any girl but an attractive one, according to his high standards of how beautiful women should be. When he gets rejected, he'll simply move on to the next girl. Also, he tells his readers that he simply brushes off these rejections and chooses not to care about them anymore -- his reasoning being, if he's able to brush it off and not care about an opinion of one hot girl, then he will feel great about himself because he has achieved his goal. Plus, there are other hot girls.

It sounded like he doesn't really care about those women at all but about 'improving himself'. Rejected or accepted, his ego will still soar. Reading about his experiences and attempts at hooking up with girls, it seemed that he had never considered the possibility that he was being a creepy asshole, and instead thought that its the girls' loss for rejecting him. It was tiring to read as a girl... how they count and brag about how many girls he's been with.

He doesn't care about you, you're simply a stepping stone to get rid of his damn 'shyness'. Too bad people see the crap as 'inspirational'.

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