Friday, April 6, 2012

The internet is the opiate of the masses.

This Holy Week, the city's streets are empty. I walked downtown, along closed malls, shops, and stalls which used to be crowded. (Imagining the Apocalypse, waiting for zombies.)

Anyway, I prefer blogging than other social media. I got used to being deactivated off Facebook though at first it felt like cutting off my only social life. A reason why I don't use it is its a time-suck, though the real reason is this: Facebook makes me feel miserable. I see profiles with their pictures and updates with how fun their life is, and I feel vague jealousy. Without the internet, what would our lives be? But I also know that there's a divide between our idealized selves online and the real self off screen. I admit I used to post stuff that will make me look cool, 'liking' things I deem are cool, posting things I think are witty to be 'liked', things to elate my ego.

Well, I can ignore that part and just connect with friends I don't see. I'll be there again soon. Maybe I'm just being overrated.

We are called "Generation Me": and there's some truth in this. Too much of anything (like narcissistic isolation) is bad. There's already many articles offering help on how to quit as if its some kind of drug, such as "How to quit Facebook" from Psychology Today magazine.

Anyway, nothing much today. Tagged:
1.) What is your name: Allana
2.) A four letter word: airs
3.) A boy’s name: Arthur
4.) A girl’s name: Artemis
5.) An occupation: Attorney
6.) A color: Alabaster
7.) Something you wear: A T-shirt
8.) A food: Apple pie
9.) Something found in the bathroom: Apple scented shampoo
10.) A country: Austria
11.) A reason for being late: A traffic jam
12.) Something you shout: AAAAAAAAAAAAA!
13.) A movie title: A Streetcar named Desire
14.) Something you drink: Apple juice
15.) A musical group: A Perfect Circle
16.) An animal: Ass as in donkey
17.) A street name: Andres Bonifacio Avenue?
18.) A type of car: A Streetcar named Desire (movie title...)
19.) An internet site/blogsite:
20.) A song: Alejandro by Lady Gaga
21.) A President’s name: Atty. President (?)
22.) A cartoon character: Adams family
23.) Name of School: A+ Academy (fictional school)
24.) A sport: A Basketball
25.) A Latin word : absum-to be absent, be away, be missing.

1.) Copy tag to your own notes and start modifying it.
2.) Omit existing answers.
3.) Write your answers and tag as many as you want.

No tags!


  1. Love it. I used to blog on myspace but joined facebook along with the masses and all my friends. I am no longer on facebook. It made me miserable too. I miss the blogging scene. Now that it's gone I can read blogs again.

    1. Yeah, I was only wasting my time checking out profiles and I was pre-occupied about thinking what cool thing to post next. It made me think too much of myself. I still prefer blogging to other means of social networking, and trying to be more active... in posting, and commenting on other blogs.