Monday, January 31, 2011

Breathe through your nose

One thing about me no one needs to hear about is my time as a shut-in. I didn't know what to answer if someone online asked, How are you? How I am, I can't answer "I was going insane."
 - - -
After my last trip to Cebu, the worst fever in my life struck. I stayed in bed for almost 72 hours, not eating or sleeping, just awake. I went to a doctor, the skull x-ray showed my sinuses were so clotted with dry snot and blood, and I wasn't getting enough air and it wasn't going where its supposed to. Turns out, my brain wasn't getting enough oxygen for years.

Which explains a lot of things. Your brain won't function properly. It causes insomnia which causes more things like shitty feelings. That high-school-angst-feeling, (no one understands me! I have no friends!) — I just didn't get enough sleep.

I was given antibiotics and nose sprays and it healed. Good thing it didn't get worse that it needed an operation. That's it kids, take care of your nose and get enough sleep.

and the best time to clean your ears and cut your nails is after a shower,

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