Friday, March 28, 2014

"Ang pikon talo."

I have a proposed invention, specifically for those people who annoy others on purpose and when people get angry, they only get satisfied because "Ang pikon talo" (The short-tempered always loses). Instead of stopping their annoying tactics, it is still your fault for being angry. There's no way around them, because they will always think they are right and will ridicule and laugh at you more for being pikon. I like anger. Anger is a valid emotion. Anger is a fuel.

Here is my proposal: the next time someone laughs at me and tells me "Ang pikon talo," I will draw out a freaking GUN. And while they're panicking that they made a mistake they actually toyed with an insane killer, I will gloat at the look of surprise in their faces and shoot them in the face. But what will go out of the gun is not a rain of bullets but a red, hard boxing glove that will knock them out like a KO Pacquiao punch. When they wake up with a broken nose they'll think twice about being gadflies. I swear these kind of people probably get aroused from making other people angry.

Also: the only person who can use the Socratic irony in arguments is freaking Socrates, okay? I know he used to question people until they are finally admitting that they don't know anything. But I have a feeling that some that tried to act all Socrates on me didn't do it out of reason or some intellectual motive but for their own motives of shaming people and making them look dumb.

The problem with them questioning people is that they think of themselves as the beacons of reason, questioning others but not themselves.

yeah right today I was angry over something. that means I'm a loser.

But... seriously. Stop this. I just want sincerity here. I advice the people who do this to take your head out of your asshole. Now let me think of how to invent that punch-glove gun.

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