Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Ode to Electricity [a poem]

(Note: I don't usually write poems, I just want a good electric supply and a future with no blackouts.)

You left again with no warning, leaving me in darkness.
The streets submerged in quiet, the collective hum of TVs, computers, electric fans and radios silenced
I salvage for artificial light: high-voltage lamps and candle-stumps
I wait, and wait, in the false hope that you would go back.

You'll always go back.

Hours pass. I perspire in bed, unable to sleep, I only dream of your return.
A candle flickers in front of the mirror, shadows dancing on my floor in orange and black
I seethe, almost froth in the mouth like a rabid woman, now desperate
Now angry, that they would take you away, but I trust it,

You'll always go back.

Without you, I am unable to do a thing, the night invites demons again.
The wind blows and extinguishes the wisp of fire on wax
The weak white flare on my flashlight stutters and turns off
I bite my sheets, I taste my sweat, in this damp dark I cannot rest.

And I doubt it now,
Will you ever go back?

[P.S. Someone shouts, "Yes, nag-siga na suga!" *Hay salamat pwede na ko ka Facebook!*]


  1. as you get fond to the neon lights the signs of civilization renewed ang built upon by tesla findings the mere thought of the riots after a minute of electricity outage
    where do this come to as matter cannot be destroyed but only change.
    and your facebook i dont know the conspiracy theory that they share our information to terrorist on the midst of the new world order of ilumina the light

    1. Heh... this was just a complaint on the constant electrical outages, I live in a backwards 3rd-world country. And yes, we have become so used to electricity, like the internet its hard to imagine life without it.