Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My life consists of hanging around Xerox machines and sleeping

Well, I'm still here. Its just that all my writing nowadays are confined to assignments, essays, exam reviewers, reports, and papers. I try to blog, but I'm mostly staring at a blank text box and a blinking cursor. Writer's block when it comes to talking about myself, now. I will be in Cebu on September 19-22 on tour for a major subject, and after that there will be a final round of reports to do, then another week after that its the final exams. It seems that I count time by exams, and finished journals.

Last entry, I wrote: "A surefire way to dislike something is to take exams or tests on the subject, or read their nose-bleeding academic literature. " I disagree with that now. A cliche but true: if you like and enjoy a subject, those exams are extras. Each field has its own jargon and language. Even LIS has its share of words those outside the field can't get.

Enough. I really have nothing to say. I'm reading the Bible (surprise, I'm done with the New Testament and I'm already in 2 Samuel of the Old Testament, but I guess ancient Israel and Philistia must have reeked with all the slaughter from wars), The Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan (think Dante's Inferno but the Pilgrim is travelling to The Celestial City a.k.a Heaven, written in the 1600's, a Christian classic), but I still spend more time mindlessly surfing the net. I'll try to post regularly.

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