Saturday, April 14, 2012

Let's read more about happiness.

Another interesting article over Thought Catalog: "Why I (Now) Avoid Reading Haruki Murakami"

It said: "Loneliness is common, as is craving love and connection, as are relationships, as is Murakami. I think that human isolation and loneliness are plain facts. At this point, writing and reading about them again and again to emphasize their existence seem like a trite effort."

Its not that I don't like his work. His books are best read in small doses. Don't read his sad stories when you feel sad, because you'll feel worse.

I liked his short stories, but I was turned off by Kafka on the Shore. The annoying teenage protagonist is thinking too much of sex, and he still has time to contemplate existential angst and sadness while raping a girl? Let's read more about happiness. There were good parts, but to me Kafka was getting annoying. I'll read it again, but not this time.

The next time I feel like a selfish emo idiot romanticizing loneliness, its time to do or think of something else that might better humanity. Read cheesy happy inspirational stuff. Talk to friends, stop moping.

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