Thursday, March 22, 2012

My dream library, a suggestion

I know there's this stereotype of librarians that all they do is stamp due dates on books and keep the students quiet. That was my presentation during our college day. That's another post for later.

I want to just be a Cataloger that hides in the Technical Section of any academic library... encoding stuff for your OPAC, fixing glitches, and selecting books for purchase...

In my dream library, each chair will be equipped with a headphone that can be set to your choice of music. Choose from Dead Quiet, White Noise, Chanting Monks, or whatever. If you're doing a group study, you can all talk with the headphone (with a mic that absorbs sound) without disturbing others. No more ominous "OBSERVE SILENCE" signs. You can't make people not talk when they're studying.

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