Sunday, February 26, 2012

Zen Shin Talks notes

Here are some quotes and notes from a book on Zen. Its not at all 'deep'. When I say Zen some may think of monks meditating, chanting, esoteric teachings of the Truth, but its not just that at all. Fore me, its more on practical advice on living and how to keep a calm state of mind. I like it when a book sounds warm and friendly, that when you read its like having a cup of tea with the writer.
The Golden Gate bridge is beautiful to the passersby, but is a symbol of despair for a mother whose child killed himself there. Though, the bridge is as is.

Whatever happens happens, but see your daily activities as important. See it, face it, overcome it, then learn.

The worst enemy in our life is to believe "I'm absolutely right" when we are wrong. We like things that agree with our notion of what is good and right. We are a victim of notions. We think we understand when we don't.  When you think you are right, correct it by letting others.

Our ego cheers us up when it impresses others.

On one side of a fan it was written, "If I don't do it, who will?" and the other has "The world would not change if you did not exist." When you fan yourself, both sides produce the cool wind.

We have wants and attachments. Wanting to be pretty or smart, attachments to people and ideas. Our ego traps us.

Empty yourself to see things as they are. See beyond identities and classifications.

A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it. It just blooms.

We all look for some kind of miracle, for a Savior to come from some place to save us. But I say, this is enough. This is miracle enough. I am here. You are here. Your heart is beating. Isn't that amazing?

Talking, planning, thinking, and knowing are different from doing.

...being a conclusion seeker is a modern sickness. Some teenagers actually kill themselves because they arrived at a conclusion about their lives.

Because of people's preconceived ideas and their strong feelings, they hardly hear me. So make yourself empty, then you can truly learn.

A stupid person never realizes how stupid he is, a  person who thinks he is wise is dangerous. Maturity means learning to be careful with your stupidities and to watch out for yourself and others.

The more we have distance between ourselves and situations, we think of them as problems.

Words, ideas, and information burden our minds. So much of our education and fast-paced technology creates pressure.

I thought I was supposed to visit the AIDS patients to comfort them, but its me who gets comforted by them. They don't worry about after life or before life and so on. They are perfectly in their life, right then. They don't even need a name. We need a name, a life of compassion, the powers of God or Buddha or so on. But they don't think they need any of these.

If there is no concept of happiness or unhappiness, we'll never be unhappy. There is an expectation that we should be happy-- but this creates frustration, especially if things don't go as you wish.

I want to live my life totally. I know my life will never occur again, in the same condition as right now. So I will do the best I can without comparison to others.

We are living in the process of becoming. That's why I said that I might explain it better tomorrow. But i won't be here tomorrow.

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